The World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles (WASBE) is the only international organization of wind band conductors, composers, performers, publishers, teachers, instrument makers and friends of wind music. It is the only organization completely dedicated to enhancing the quality of the wind band throughout the world and exposing its members to new worlds of repertoire, musical culture, people and places. WASBE is a non-profit international association open to all individuals, institutions and industries interested in symphonic wind bands and wind ensembles as serious and distinctive mediums of musical expression and cultural heritage. WASBE has a membership of over 1000 individuals and organizations in more than 50 countries from throughout the world. The official language of WASBE is English and all official WASBE business is transacted in this language. However, in order to help facilitate better communications within the WASBE membership, WASBE Sections have been established in several countries and regions and provide information to the membership in these areas in the respective languages.

WASBE and its many members strive to:

  • - promote symphonic bands and wind ensembles as serious and distinctive mediums of musical expression and cultural heritage
  • - assist in all ways possible the development of band activities throughout the world
  • - encourage the international exchange of conductors, teachers, students, and composers
  • - help others recognize the importance of the symphonic wind band and the wind ensemble for international and national communication and  understanding
  • - encourage the composition of band literature of excellence that reflects national heritages and transcends international boundaries
President William V. Johnson, USA
President-Elect Dario Sotelo, Brazil
Immediate Past President Bert Aalders, The Netherlands
Secretary/Parliamentarian James Ripley, USA
Treasurer Sabrina Harper, USA
Executive Director Markus Mauderer, Germany
International Artistic Advisory Committee Felix Hauswirth (Chair), Switzerland

For more information on WASBE please visit: http://www.wasbe.org/